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Oooh, Michelle, I really like your new layout

Posted by arcanum on Sep 10, 07 12:58 am

LOL well thanks for the encouragement. I'm hoping to pass and such. haha

I did actually remember this one time that I had a client, and I guess it could be considered a mess-up? But basically I was just flat ironing her hair, and she kept changing her mind about what she wanted and she was like "No do this, wait no do that" and before I was even finished she was just like "JUST DO THE REST STRAIGHT, NEVERMIND! I'LL ROLL IT WHEN I GET HOME" and I was like okay.. so I did.
And then she gave me a bad review and told my teacher that I didn't know what I was doing, and all this stuff....
I was so mad that she didn't let me actually do it the way I was suppose to, and it actually coming out like she wanted.
I wanted to strangle that lady. hahaha
[/random story]

Posted by arcanum on Aug 10, 07 1:31 am

Two years and no mistakes? That's amazing. I'm sure you'll definitely pass and get hired at some fancy upper-class salon that I could never dream to be able to afford. :P

Posted by Mulder on Aug 10, 07 12:49 am

Ahhh, basically same. But not nervous about college. I'm nervous about the state board exam/graduating and starting to look for a salon to work at/etc.
Screwing up someones hair is something I am terrified of. But I've been in school for almost 2 years, and haven't screwed up anyones hair, so maybe that is a good sign? idk. haha

Other than that, everything is grand. :]

Posted by arcanum on Aug 9, 07 10:21 pm

My life's pretty boring. I'm just getting nervous about college. How about you?

Posted by Mulder on Aug 9, 07 10:02 pm

Michellle.eee.e..e.e. I didn't feel like spamming in the feedback anymore so yeeeah. hahahaha

How is the life of Michelle?

Posted by arcanum on Aug 7, 07 1:10 am
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